About Us

Established in 1976, we are specialist vehicle converters whose core focus is to redefine patient care needs. A family-run business based in Jet Park, Johannesburg we aim to deliver a high quality specialist service to all patient care providers.

In recent years, with an increase in urbanisation, the need to provide patient medical care has changed. Treating patients whilst in transit has to be a comfortable experience for both health care practitioner as well as the patient. Therefore the equipment carried by the paramedic and the configuration of the ambulance has to be such as to provide high quality patient service and care.

At Ginrich Bodies, we pride outselves in developing a solution to suit the customer. Irrespective of the make or model of the vehicle chosen, we will assist by providing a competitive price suited to your individual specification. We pride ourselves in developing a solution for the customer that will ensure that he/she get optimum use from the first day of delivery.